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Saturday, December 11, 2010

So if most of us we're, by your standards "alright" how come you blocked them from ever contacting you ever again?


  1. Not for nothing, but isn't this just being unprofessional? People fall out all the time, we know this, but this is just acting butthurt. Keep the squabbles between yourselves, dude...believe me when I say that your listeners don't give a rat's ass about your tiffs.

  2. The podcast was a joke bro and its not coming back.

  3. Funny, no you were the joke of the podcast. All you did was scratch your balls and chime in with stupid things to say. Now that I think about it everyone on it used to call you names and shit. Are you sure you're still friends with the rest of them, to did your neediness drive them away to. You are so pathetic, you act like it's someone elses fault because they found you hard to deal with. I'll give what friends you have left credit, they sure have great skills in special needs to take care of a waterhead like you.


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