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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Space Paranoids Online release date revealed!

As most of you know, some of us on the DWWP are fans of Kevin Flynn and his work(Episode 6 for reference). One of his famous works of art, Space Paranoids, was announced to be getting an Online re-release at an ENCOM Press Conference held roughly four weeks ago. Today, the release date for Space Paranoids online was announced... kinda. A group that call themselves "Flynn Lives" have recently found the locations of Kevin's son, Sam. Sam was found in Rio Fiamente in Brazil. A few "Flynn Lives" members have found Sam's locker and have broken into it. Inside they found a cam corder, an ENCOM Employee badge, his symbolic "89" logo used on his Parachute at the ENCOM event earlier this month and a book written by his father entitled "Digital Gaming". Inside the book was a picture of Sam at the age of 6(Why do I know that? Because the date was written on the back, 4-21-88) playing the arcade game, Tron.

But interesting to note, on the page where the picture was found, a bunch of underlined letters were found. Its like Sam wanted them to find it. The words read, "ENCOM INTERNATIONAL SLASH SPACE PARANOIDS ONLINE." Now to the normal eye that would just sound like gibberish. But to the trained eye, and I don't mean my own, this is a URL. Again, its like Sam wanted us to find this. The URL ( takes us to a countdown. All signs from this countdown point to the release of Space Paranoids online. If you think otherwise, click the link to find Recognizers flying around the page (which are clickable might I add, and people who have the ability to sit through clicking 99 and 999 of them will be rewarded, but you didn't hear that from me. ;)). With the release of Space Paranoids Online only days away, we can only imagine what else is in store from ENCOM, or Sam Flynn or even... Kevin Flynn...

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