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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Episode 15: Transformers and Baked Goods

So in honor of Botcon being this weekend as well as the release of Transformers: War for Cybertron, we spend an hour talking about the game and how we think it stands up as a game and as a piece of franchise fiction. Yeah, this one is REALLY NERDY. Oh and btw, OMG SPOILARZ !!!!!!!11TWO!!

This week we transmit:

- War for Cybertron
- War for Cybertron
- Thermal Scopes on Riot Shields
- War for Cybertron
- The realism of fake firearms
- War for...something...
- Bob knows how to work the system
- Activision's disaster of distribution
- What's Singularity?
- Gold Nipples
- Baked Goods

Oh, and as an addendum, Matt actually got his copy of War for Cybertron right after this episode aired, his wife got it for him. That's love, folks.

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