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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Modern Warfare 2 Party

Hey guys, its Moon. Just letting everyone know about a little get together going on this Saturday. We will be playing some private matches in Modern Warfare 2, Xbox version only, sorry PS3ers and PCers :(. As of this writing I have 13 people playing (Including my awesome self) this Saturday. If you would like to play, please send me a message on either the Moonbase 2 or The Nerdsphere or leave a comment here letting me know who you are. Both forums I have the name "Moon" on there. Since there are about 13 people playing, it means that the cap for the game will have to be 18 since that is the most I can have in a private party. So basically the next 5 people to ask me to play, you are in. Good luck to everyone who wants in and to everyone who plays.

Simple rules. No outside drama brought in please. The last time I held this I had to boot someone for being unruly and as unfair as it is, it will happen if you break any of my rules.

Thanks guys, looking forward to knifing everyone on Saturday :)

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