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Friday, April 2, 2010

Pay To Play With A Girl...Are We Serious?

I first heard about GameCrush a couple of weeks ago. The first thought that ran through my head was, April Fools? Oh dear Lord, please let this be a horrible attempt at an April Fools joke. Apparently...I was the fool.

GameCrush is the newest in social networking sites. Basically, the idea behind it goes a little something like this...

A guy, presumably, purchases 500 points; roughly $8.95 USD. He browses through the sites many female profiles, or I should say "Playdate" profiles, and chooses one that he likes. He can choose between playing an Xbox 360 game such as: Modern Warfare 2, Halo 3, Grand Theft Auto and so forth, or one of the sites own flash games. The flash games cost less to play. He will now spend around 400 points to play his chosen game with his chosen Playdate, for between 8-10 minutes over a video call. When it's over, he has the choice to give his remaining points to his Playdate as a tip. What's in it for the girl besides the tip? She gets paid to give the guy what he wants.

Wow, I don't even know where to start. First, this doesn't even really bring to mind the typical social networking site. Guy and girl join, get matched, love may or may not ensue. With this site the guy pays the girl for her services...hmmm...

At least it's good, clean, fun gaming, right? Eh, the jury's still out. For the most part it looks as though it might be. But, with the option for the Playdate to be in a flirty or dirty mood, I highly doubt the focus will be on the game for long.

This whole idea just seems to me to be another pervy way for people to get their rocks off...and pay for it no less. But, that's just this girls opinion. I mean why would a guy pay to play for ten minutes with a girl when there's plenty of us out there that play for free every day? We play for the game though, and if we choose to flirt, it's because we genuinely want to.


  1. You know, the idea was bad enough before, but now I'm reading 8-10 minutes???? That's not even enough for a single match in MW2!!!! >:(

    (I know I'm probably totally missing the point here, but my focus is on the gaming)

  2. Well Touya, I believe that's just it. There is no point in using this site if your focus is on the gaming. It's just another hormonally driven idea created to make a quick buck. The fact that the site went down due to such massive demand really makes me shake my head at todays society as a whole.


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