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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Episode 9- IT COUNTS!!!!

It's been a slow news week in the land of videogameage. That doesn't prevent us from BSing our way through another week of podcastery. Oh man, if we were only totally getting paid to do this, that would be suh-weeeet.

This week we pad out-

- Starcraft 2 Contest Winners.
- I'm a little Space Paranoid.
- PSP to PS2 ports. I don't know why either.
- The size of your fanbase counts. Xcom.
- Crysis 2, it's in New York.
- The Humble Indie Bundle. Gaming for Charity.
- DA BETA!!!
- Mac Steam? Any computer smoking can't be good.
- Camping. Viable strategy.
- War for Cybertron and Optimus Prime's one sided view of history.
- News in Less than 3 Words.

Blahdablahdablah, download, listen, comment, you know the drill.

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