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Friday, May 28, 2010

You think the Wii-mote was strange.

As I was looking threw Yahoo,I found an article on Hard to Handle Video Game controllers. I read it and it showed different types of controllers from alot of systems From XBOX to Dreamcast,this had some of the best. Like the Wii-Bowling Ball or the NES Powerglove. These controllers seemed like a good idea,but sadly. See with The 360 Project Natal coming out I saw that this article showed one of the first motion control controller called The Sega Activator,which was very hard to use and barely worked. It used in infrared beams to read movement. Sadly it didn't work right.
Now me, like most of the gamers out there, are looking forward on seeing if the Natal will live up to the hype and not fall to the wayside like this sad controller.

So till we see it,lets keep the Natal hopes high.

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