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Thursday, March 11, 2010

EA Games weighs in on the Infinity Ward Debacle

EA CFO John Schappert has offered his opinions on the goings on between Activision and Infinity Ward. If you will recall, last week the heads of Infinity Ward, Vince Zampanella and Jason West were abruptly dismissed from the company. Activision has said that it was because they were shopping the company around, West and Zampanella claim it was simply to not have to pay them bonuses earned from Modern Warfare 2, one of 2009's best selling games that the duo helped produce during their tenure.

"I'm disappointed on a couple of fronts," says Schappert. "I'm disappointed because I think Jason and Vince, on the human side, are two great guys, I know them personally, they've done great things. And I think they're two of the best creative leaders in our space.

"And to think they're going to spending their future dealing with litigation and lawyers rather than crafting the next great experience, I don't think that's a win for them, I don't think that's a win for our industry. I think that's disappointment. I hope that they find a way to continue to make games and focus on that during this period."

It is interesting to note that EA once housed the studio 2015 Inc. which produced the Medal of Honor games. Many of 2015's members left EA to form Infinity Ward.


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