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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Lady Gaga in Rock Band?

news story here fess up. Who's happy about this and also, who is going to sing [i]"Poker Face"[/i] in their best Eric Cartman voice?


  1. Well Touya, I must admit that I immediately downloaded this track pack as soon as my eyes saw the caption, "Lady Gaga In Rock Band?" Although the songs were way too easy (even on expert), and won't have the most wickedly fun and challenging replay value, I'm still gonna love screeching out "Bad Romance" to the delight of each and every person in my neighborhood! If it's a difficult song you're looking to play, this pack is definitely not worth your money. If you're looking for one hell of a good time singing along with music's diva of dirty girls, then throw down some Microsoft points because this one's for you!


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