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Friday, March 26, 2010

The Heroes of the Games. Super Mario part 1

From time to time people have always had disputes over who is the better video game hero. Now I don't mean the best player, but the best character in a game. Let's start with who most people think was one of the 1st and that is Mario.

Mario started in Donkey Kong. He was the guy trying to save the girl from Donkey Kong. From there he want onto Mario Bros. Game in which he and his brother had to fight monster that where coming out of pipes. These games where basic jump and kick games and the only weapon you got in Donkey Kong was a hammer. Then this home gaming system came out called The NES or The Nintendo Entertainment System,and Super Mario Bros. was born. The NES was an 8 bit gaming system which gave more play and better graphics. This gave the programmers more room to give Mario better skills and abilities. In the 1st Super Mario he was given POWER UPS such as a mushroom that made him bigger ;) a flower that gave him the power to shoot fire ball at his foes,and last but not least the star that would make him invincible for a short time. The story of this game was that Mario and his brother(who I will discuss later on) must save the princess form the evil KING BOWSER,why are they there who knows and who cares. The game to this day is still very playable and fun. His story went on in Super Mario Bros.2. This game was not a true part to this story line,because Japan had a part 2 that the US developers thought was so close to the 1st game it was not released to the USA system so we got what we know as Super Mario Bros. 2.

Super Mario 2 did give you a choice of playing as Mario,Luigi,Toadstool or The Princess,in which each one had unique abilities,Mario had his fire power,Luigi had a faster run,Toadstool was a and The Princess could fly in short distances. I would try to explain this game more but some people agree this game little to no sense. It was very random and the monster could be used as weapons after you jump on them and pick them up.

The next part of this series I will talk more on Mario in two more games Super Mario 3 and Super Mario world for the Super NES.

Until next time, My name is Shawn and this game token is on me.

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