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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Video Games ruin Marriages?

Something that's been an issue with married couple for a good number of years, when one of the spouse's passion with gaming. Their are stories of a marriage falling apart because of this.

"Catholic marriage counseling service Accord said that internet use has been blamed for problems in about 1,000 marriages in the last year."
"It said 15 per cent of its clients faced major difficulties as spouses brought extra work home or turned to pornography, online gambling and video games.

A more recent marriage breakup happened with soap star Kim Marsh and ex-husband EastEnders actor Jack Ryder.

In an interview on ITV tonight she states: "
Jack didn't like to go out or socialise. He was really into computer games, which makes him sound about 12... we just weren't getting on. Jack wasn't really a party-goer. He didn't drink."

Ok first just because you don't drink doesn't mean you cant be a party-goer and have fun, that being said, I like playing games, I like going on the internet, but I know what are my priorities are. If your in a relationship you have to find a balance between your hobby & your loved one. The same has to be with the other person too, we're in an age where adults are playing games more and more, it does not mean their over grown children, you have to respect them and not bring them down about it. It just needs to come down to getting to know each other really well and find their quirks and see if it can work then you decide to get married.

Have fun with your games and your lover :D


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